EDTF 200 Section 02 Teams


Teaching from Hershey…


Eric Vonada
Lesson Plan: What is Chocolate
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/evonada
Jenessa Zack
Lesson Plan: Life of Milton Hershey
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jzack
Lacy Young
Lesson Plan: Milton Hershey
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/lyoung
Ryan Disque
Lesson Plan: How Chocolate is made
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/rdisque


Teaching from Outer Space…


Ashley Russo
Lesson Plan:
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/arusso
Jacob Fetterolf
Lesson Plan: Planets
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jfettero
Joseph Ronketty
Lesson Plan: Space
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jronkett
Kyle Atkinson
Lesson Plan: Planets
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/katkinso


Teaching from the Garden…


Alesia Ross
Lesson Plan: Garden tools
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/aross
Kristen Zimmer
Lesson Plan: Flower
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kzimmer
Margaret Rougeux
Lesson Plan: Trees
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/mrougeux
Sadie Fellinger
Lesson Plan: Flower
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/sfelling
Samantha Durham
Lesson Plan: Growing Vegetables
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/sdurham


Teaching from the Grocery Store…


Ashley Neuin
Lesson Plan: Bakery
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/aneuin
Cornell Lorson
Lesson Plan: Fruits and Vegetables
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/clorson4
Danielle Yarnell
Lesson Plan: Deli
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/dyarnell
Megan Martin
Lesson Plan: Meat
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/mmartin6
Nikki Allen
Lesson Plan: Dairy
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/nallen2


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Teaching from under the Ocean…


Caitlin Curfman
Lesson Plan: Tides and Currents
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/ccurfman
Christine Gorham
Lesson Plan: Ocean Pollution
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/cgorham
Kimberly Berkheimer
Lesson Plan: Coral Reefs
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kberkhei
Lindsay Schwinof
Lesson Plan:
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/lschwino
Samantha Fesemyer
Lesson Plan: Sea Turtles
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/sfesemye