EDTF 200 Section 01 Teams


Teaching from a Pet Store…


Amanda Fromm
Lesson Plan: Guinea Pigs
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/afromm/
Katelin Gargiule
Lesson Plan: Fishs
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kgargiul/
Khamila Baines
Lesson Plan: Dogs
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kbaines/
Mary Salvanish
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/msalvani/
Tina Blazina
Lesson Plan: Birds Talk
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/tblazin2/


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Teaching from Our Senses…


Adrian Carney
Lesson Plan: Touch
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/acarney/
Jose Acosta
Lesson Plan: Taste
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jacosta/
Kane Rowles
Lesson Plan: Smell
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/krowles/
Kristi Shepps
Lesson Plan: Optic
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/kshepps/


Teaching from the Biome…


Bryan Pelachick
Lesson Plan: Walrus
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/bpelachi/
Jennifer Ross
Lesson Plan: Grasslands
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jross/
Jordan Burok
Lesson Plan: Plants and Animals in Grasslands
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/jburok/
Leah Himmelberger
Lesson Plan: Rainforest Adventures
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/lhimmelb/
Tyler Wheaton
Lesson Plan: Desert
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/twheaton/


Teaching from the Farm…


Barbara Wojtowich
Lesson Plan: Farm Animals
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/bwojtowi/
Heather Dale
Lesson Plan: Plant Cycle
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/hdale/
Tiara Todd
Lesson Plan: Foods
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/ttodd2/
Vanessa Cleveland
Lesson Plan:?
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/vclevel2/


Teaching from the World…


Cory Shade
Lesson Plan: Tsar's of Russia
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/cshade2/
Felicia Harshbarger
Lesson Plan: England
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/fharshba/
Gregory Bretz
Lesson Plan: Tour De France
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/gbretz/
Henry Turner
Lesson Plan: Italy
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/hturner2/
Mattie Evans
Lesson Plan: Hungary
Website: http://www.student.lhup.edu/mevans2/