Week 9 (03/14/2011 - 03/20/2011)


After completing this week, you should be able to:

  1. Utilize hyperlink, custom animations, effects, and slide transitions
  2. Create an interactive learning object
  3. Identiy necessary elements and equipment for creating audio podcasting
  4. Operate Audacity software
  5. Edit and export an audio podcasting

Activities & Assignments

  1. Complete the following projects (Due at the end of this week)
    1. Advanced Desktop Authoring (Individual)
      1. Booklet / Table of Content
      2. Mail-merge & Gradebook
      3. Instructional Poster
    2. The Internet in the Classroom
      1. Personal Webpage
      2. Web Technology Research (Group)
  2. Create an Interactive PowerPoint (Individual & Collaboartive)
    PowerPoint Interactive PowerPoint Module

  3. Create an Audio Podcasting (Individual & Collaborative)
    PodCast PodCasting Module


Due Date

See Course Schedule in the Course Syllabus for detail