Week 7 (02/28/2011 - 03/06/2011)


After completing this week, you should be able to:

  1. Identify the essential keys of WebQuest
  2. Copy and use a template to create a website
  3. Create a WebQuest page in the public domain
  4. Create a thematice unit or organization website
  5. Use Google Sites to create the web sites

Activities & Assignments

  1. Read "Technology for Diverse Learners" (Lever-Duffy & McDonald, 2011) available in (e-reserves)

  2. Continue to work on a report for your Thematic Unit or Sports Organziation (Activity #1- ASSURE Model-based Lesson Plan module)

    See Week 3 for details.

  3. Continue to work on Advanced Desktop Authoring Individual project

    See Week 4 for details.

  4. Continue to work on Web Evaluation & Report and Personal Web Site projects

    See Week 6 for details.

  5. Create and develop your first WebQuest (Individual)
    WebQuest WebQuest Module

  6. Create and design Team Web Site (Collaborative)
Team Web SiteTeam Web Site Module


Due Date

See Course Schedule in the Course Syllabus for detail