MS WordBasic MS Publisher

For this unit, you are asked to explore, learn, practice, and complete the TWO (2) unique exercises provided at the end of this page.  The skills you acquire from completing these excercises will help you and be used to create instructional / organizational materials and professional publications.

Before we begin, if you haven't done so, spend sometime reviewing the overview videos about Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint. This will help you familiarize yourself with the software interface and how to navigate around. Pay close attention to how you can access and navigate the software features and functionalities.

Microsoft Office Overview Videos


Module Activities

Exercise #1: Professional Business card

Purpose: To utilize a Template or the Wizard in MS Publisher to Create your own professional business card.

Process: You will be creating a business card for your personal and professional uses. Save and title your business card publisher file as "PUBEX-1_YOURNAME"

Important: A complete business card must:

  • usd one of MS Publisher Templates
  • include your actual information such as name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • NOT have any default logo from the template
  • be saved and titled as "PUBEX-1_YOURNAME"

Exercise #2: Flyer, Brochure, or Organizational Meeting Announcement

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Purpose: To utilize special features of MS Publisher to produce a legible and attractive flyer, brochure, or announcement for instructional and/or organizational purposes. Save and title your business card publisher file as "PUBEX-2_YOURNAME"

Process: You will choose to create one of the following publications based on your profession and interest.

Choice #1: Flyer for Instructioanl or Organizational Special Event(s)

  1. First, look at flyers posted on the various bulletin boards in this and other campus buildings. 
  2. Next, select a fair, festival, or other special event that will occur during the current semester.  It can be sponsored by a University department, church, community, school district, or other non‑commercial entity.  Use the internet to obtain details on when the event will occur, where it will be held, what its purpose is, and other pertinent information needed.

Choice #2: Brochure for Class or Organization

  1. Use MS Publisher and find the brochure template.  You may also choose to use the brochure template which can be found from "Templates on Office Online" or from using your favorite search engines.
  2. Gather appropriate information on a subject related to your field or major and produce a tri-fold brochure with six panels.  You may wish to make a self-guiding brochure for a resource area; a marketing brochure for a resort, camp, or recreational enterprise; a brochure to alert homeowners about conservation and recycling opportunities; or a guide for travelers and tourists to your community.

Choice #3: Announcement for School or Club/Organizaitonal Meeting(s)

    Identify a University-affiliated club or organization and prepare a flyer or announcement for an up-coming meeting.   You need to gather all pertinent information including, date, time, place, program or agenda information, guest speaker (if any), purpose, potential audience and who to contact for additional information.

Important: A complete product must:

  • be created in 8 1/2 x 11 inches paper
  • usd one of MS Publisher Templates
  • include at least ONE (1) WordArt and ONE (1) Clipart/Picture
  • be of pleasing appearance (color choices), sufficiently bold to catch one's attention (the publication can be formatted either Portrait (Vertical) or Landscape (Horizontal)).
  • include, if possible, the actual information such as event, organization name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • NOT have any default logo from the template
  • be saved and titled as "PUBEX-2_YOURNAME"


When finished, you should have TWO (2) final files (PUBEX-1_YOURNAME and PUBEX-2_YOURNAME). Upload the finished files along with other assignments to the appropriate dropbox (as indicated by your instructor).