MS WordBasic MS Word

For this unit, you are asked to explore, learn, practice, and complete the FOUR (4) unique exercises provided at the end of this page.  The skills you acquire from completing these excercises will help you and be used to create instructional / organizational materials as well as an instructional media plan (A Thematic Unit Plan).

Before we begin, if you haven't done so, spend sometime reviewing the overview videos about Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint. This will help you familiarize yourself with the software interface and how to navigate around. Pay close attention to how you can access and navigate the software features and functionalities.

Microsoft Office Overview Videos


IMPORTANT: All work that you have done or worked on will be placed in electronic files in the appropriate folders that you have created.  If you are working at home and using Microsoft Works or Word Perfect, be certain that the assignments you place in your USB drive are compatible with the lab Microsoft Office software.  This means that you will need to save the works files as rich text format (.rtf) files or as appropriate Microsoft Office files.


Module Activities

Now, you need to try to complete FOUR (4) Word Processing exercises as best as you could.

* Keep in mind that the overview videos and class demonstration may not cover every detail of the excercises. In order for one to learn to operate a machinery (car) or software, one must actually use and experience it. In addition to familiarize yourself with the software, the purpose of this module is for you, by yourself or with helps from colloeagues, to try to figure out some (frequently used) features and functions of this software.:


When finished, you should have FOUR (4) final files. Upload the finished files along with other assignments to the appropriate dropbox (as indicated by your instructor).