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LHU Summer Camp 2005 for Philadelphia Urban Project
Click link below to view the movie
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Album Movie - LHU Camp for Philadelphia Urban Project

Clip Movie - LHU Camp for Philadelphia Urban Project

Children Festival 2005 - Lock Haven University of PA

Sex Squares 2005 - Lock Haven University of PA

Semester End Celebration - Bentley Hall (LHUP)

My Day at LHUP - Meghann Reeder

Macromedia Dreamweaver Training

Macromedia Dreamweaver Training
Day 1 Outline:   PDF Version
  Flashpaper Version
Presentation:   PowerPoint Presentation

Day 2 Outline:   PDF Version
  Flashpaper Version
Presentation:   PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Training

PowerPoint Presentation Training

Basic PowerPoint Presentation

Web by Design PowerPoint 2000 Basics (
Power Point 2000 Tutorial - FGCU Technology Skills Orientation (

Alternative Education Resources

Bandura, Albert. Perceived Self-Efficacy in Cognitive Development and Functioning.
Ross, John A. Strategies for enhancing teachers' beliefs in their effectiveness: Research on a school.
Cavanauge, Robert F., Dellar, Graham B. Towards a Model of School Culture.
Edwards, Jennifer L., Others. Teacher Efficacy and School and Teacher Characteristics.
Edwards, Jennifer L., New ton, Rae R. The Effects of Cognitive Coaching on Teacher Efficacy and Empowerment.
Ellett, Chad D., Hill, Flo H., Liu, Xia., Loup, Karen S., Larkshamnan, Aruna. Professional Learning Environment and Human Caring Correlates of Teacher Efficacy.
Edwards, Jennifer L., Others. Factor and Rasch Analysis of the School Culture Survey.
‘da Costa, Jose L., Riordan, Geoffrey. Teacher Efficacy and the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association.
Edwards, Jennifer L., Green, Kathy E., Lyons, Cherie A. Personal Empowerment, Efficacy, and Environmental Characteristics.
Enderlin-Lampe, Scherie. Shared Decision Making in School: Effect on Teacher Efficacy.
Guskey, Thomas R. Teacher Efficacy Measurement and Change.
Kieffer, Kevin M., Henson, Robin K. Development and Validation of the Sources of Self-Efficacy Inventory (SOSI): Exploring a New measure of Teacher Efficacy.
Henson, Robin K., Bennett, D. Tyson., Sienty, Sarah F., Chambers, Sharon M. The Relationship between Means-End Task Analysis and context-Specific and Global Self-Efficacy in Emergency Certification Teachers: Exploring a New Model of Teacher Efficacy.
Guskey, Thomas R., Passaro, Perry. Teacher Efficacy: A Study of Construct Dimensions.
Hipp, Kristine A. Teacher Efficacy: Influence of Principal Leadership Behavior.
Hipp, Kristine A. Documenting the Effects of Transformational Leadership Behavior on Teacher Efficacy.
U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs. Youth Victimization: Prevalence and Implications.
U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs. Juvenile Residential Facility Census, 2000: Selected Findings.
U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs. Juvenile Offenders in Residential Placement: 1997-1999.
U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs. Juvenile Arrests 1999.
U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs. Age Patterns in Violent Victimization, 1976-2000.

Alternative Education
The International Association for Learning Alternatives
Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Program (AEP)
Community Service Grant Contracts
At Risk/Prevention/Character Education
At-Risk Students

Brain Based Learning
Principles of Brain-Based
Brain-based Learning
12 Design Principles Based on Brain-based Learning Research
Brain-Based (Compatible) Learning

Character Education
Character Education: Creating A Framework for Excellence
The Six E’s of Character Education
Teaching Kids to Care
Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education

Correctional Education
State Correctional Education Coordinator
Correctional Education Association
Correctional Education Library
Correctional Education Association

Students Evaluation A Teacher Handbook
Student Evaluation
Bibliography on Evaluating Web Information
Assessment & Evaluation

Learning Theories
Explorations in Learning & Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Database
Learning Theory in Practice: Case Studies of Learner-Centered Design Soloway/es_txt.htm
Instructional Design & Learning Theory mergel/brenda.htm
Formal Learning Theory
Constructivist Learning Theory
About Learning tt

Education Statistics
US Government Statistical Sites
General Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics

Research Center
The Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
RAND Corporation
Education Research
Educational Research Service

Research Method
Ways of approaching research: Quantitative Designs
Ways of approaching research: Qualitative Designs
Reporting the Results of Mixed Method Evaluations
Quantitative Research VS. Qualitative Research
Qualitative versus Quantitative
Approaching an action research thesis: an overview
Intro to Quantitative Methods
An Introduction to Qualitative Research
Designing and Reporting Mixed Method Evaluation
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School-to-Work Programs
Vermont School-to-Work Resources
Exemplary Programs
School-to-Work Library
School-to-Work Outreach Project
School-to-Work Planning planning/index_pln.htm
Critical Issue: Improving School-to-Work Transition for All Students
Retaining At-Risk Students in Career and Vocational Education
Study of School-to-Work Initiatives
All Means All School-to-Work
School-to-Work Online

Social Skills Training
Teaching Social Skills to Kids Who Don’t Have Them EDSPC715_MCINTYRE/SocialSkills.html
Social Skills Training
Social Skills Training Programs
Social Skills Training
Making (and Keeping) Friends: A Model for Social Skills Instruction
I’m Popular! Do I Need Social Skills Training? socialskillstraining.htm

PDF Files

The Schools We Need_1_Introduction.pdf
The Schools We Need_2_Intellectual Capital.pdf

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