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Course: Japanese Culture & Society
Code: ANTH 630
Semester: Fall 2002
Instructor: Dr. Zak Hossain


The Japanese Culture and Society course provided me the opportunity to explore the culture of Japan, a society of fascinating tradition and one of the most vital economic powers in the contemporary world. The course has been taught in an interdisciplinary content with emphasis on the interrelationships of the disciplines.

This course enabled me to use sociological and anthropological perspectives to understand Japanese culture and society as well as other countries. I have learned to use offline and online resources to investigate both historical as well as contemporary issues concerning Japan through the multidisciplinary approach. This course also examined ways in which the Japanese have assimilated foreign influences into their own culture at various times.

Discussion provided in this class gave me the insight of the relationships among cultural developments and contributions in various periods and the relationship between the historical context and the culture. I have also been taught to define the unique qualities of Japanese Culture and Society, those that distinguish it from others of the world, especially from the Western world.

Book Reflection

   Japan Asian Power Reflection
   Japan Asian Power Reflection
   Japan Education Today Reflection
   Japan Education Today Reflection

Term Paper

   Comparison Japanese and Thai Education
   Comparison Japanese and Thai Education

Japanese Language
History of Origami
Origami Studio
Japanese Newspaper
The Plurality of Japanese Culture
Japanese Demography
Japanese Ecology and Culture
Burakumin Discrimination
Ainu Culture
Ainu People and Their Rights
Rice: It's more than food in Japan
Koreans in Japan
Japanese History Timeline
Japanese History
Feudalism in Japan and Europe
Japanese Education
Daily Life in Japanese School
Learning and Education
Japanese Textbook and Role of Japan in WWII
Changing role of Japanese women
Equal Employment Law and Japanese Women
Japanese Religion
Critical Evaluation of Mizuko Kuyo
The Family and the Ie
The Japanese Family
Japanese Gun Control
Yakuza: Past and Present
Juvenile Crime Law Under Scrutiny
Human faces of Japanese Economy
Japanese and the U.S. social security system
Tasnin Funin
Karoshi-Death by Overwork

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