LHUP VPN and W: (web) Drive

Part I: LHUP VPN Configuration

Visit "Lock Haven IT Department" page for detail instructions.

Part II: Map W: (web) Drive on your personal computer

  1. Make sure that "lhup-vpn" has already been connected.
    Note: Prior to accessing your LHUP web drive, you need to make sure that you have connected "lhup-vpn" with your domain username and password. Instructions to connect and set up "lhup-vpn" can be found HERE..
  2. Once you have successfully connected "lhup-vpn," in order to set up Map Network Drive,
    • Go to "Start" button
    • Right-click on "My Computer"
    • Click on "Map Network Drive"

    Map Network Drive

  3. "Map Network Drive" window will come up.
    • In "Drive" filed, select the drive letter you wish to use (W: is recommended. If not available, any drive letter would work.)
    • In "Folder" field, type in "\\shrike.lhup.edu\<lhup_username>" (without quotes and replace <lhup_username> with your LHUP username)
    • Make sure "Reconnect at logon" is CHECKED.
    • Click "Finish" when done.

    Map Network Drive

  4. You computer will be trying to connect your LHUP web drive.


  5. Once succussfully connected, you should see your new drive listed in My Computer
    Note: Prior to accessing the new drive, make sure that you have successfully connected "lhup-vpn".